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Internal training Program

At La Luna Spa, we wholeheartedly invest in our people. Through our dedicated internal training program, we nurture the talents of our therapists, helping them grow and excel. We pour our hearts into learning new techniques, designing unique experiences, and creating our own personalized massages for our cherished customers. Our therapists must graduate from our program before they can perform massages, ensuring that only the best care is provided. La Luna Spa: where passion meets relaxation.

La Luna Spa - Ashiatsu Massage
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Our internal training program is designed to enhance the expertise of our therapists, equipping them with the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel in their profession. We dedicate substantial human, resource, and financial investments to ensure that our therapists receive comprehensive training.

One key aspect of our training program is continuous learning and development. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and research to incorporate new techniques and designs into our massages. By doing so, we ensure that our therapists are well-versed in modern practices, allowing them to deliver tailored massages that perfectly suit our customers' needs.

To ensure the highest level of service, our therapists must successfully graduate from our internal training program before they are entrusted to perform massages for our customers. This graduation process ensures that they have achieved the required proficiency and expertise to provide exceptional care and relaxation.

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